Legal FRP Usage

Last updated: April 20, 2023
Please read Legal FRP Usage carefully before you start using FRP solutions..

GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, BIPA checklist*
Note: FRP technology operates with the personality’s biometry! Read the listed tips for safe usage carefully before starting!

1. Notify the Person about the biometry collection routines and list the used options: online, via mobile apps, on-premises, etc.
Additionally, put the special Sign on-premises where the Facial Recognition scanners operate.

2. Inform the Person of an ultimate list of purposes for using the collected biometry.
3. Confirm that the collected Person’s biometric data will not be used for commercial purposes, for example, for sale to third parties.
4. Tell the Person about the storage terms for its biometric data.
5. Notify the Person of the destruction routine of collected biometric data by Membership and Employee Agreements expiration or early agreement termination by the sides’ will.

  • disclosure in your Customer, Member, or Employee Agreements to the above check-list details by adding the special article*
  • get your customers, members, or employees to have written proof of awareness and acceptance
  • refer to your legal department and to your state laws to confirm your Agreement compliance with fed and state legislation

Important note: Using collected biometry for unlisted purposes is a BPA violation!

The sample of purposes list:

  • person’s check-in/out on arrival/departure to the facility
  • access control routine
  • time attendance routine
  • workspace absence auto-alerting
  • business analytics
  • security
  • marketing push notifications (by the corporate mobile app) on new goods and services available

Biometry records storage terms – MAXIMUM 3 years (state of Illinois). It is recommended MANDATORY re-sign your Employee and Membership Agreements upfront or destroy the previously collected biometry.

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